Toddler Baby Head Protector Safety Pad Cushion Security Pillows Mickey Mouse

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  • Don't need touch with the baby's head, use breathable alleviate impact, protect the baby's head and backside.
  • This protection pad is made of great cotton, baby skin-close fabrics, soft and breathable lightweight and cute. weight 130g, very light and not any pressure for baby's shoulder. Back protector pad has Unique design, cute appearance, which make your baby a bright spot wver.
  • Adjustable the shoulder straps can be adjusted flexibility, conforms to baby's size and design with comfortable feeling.
  • Great protector for your baby, babies are easy to fall down, hurt their head and shoulder when learning walking, running and crawling, this cute samll bee protecting your kids.
  • The head protector is made of cotton fabric,soft and comfortable soft fiber. Bees shape back cushion make the baby look like a bee, unique design and cute appearance let the baby go any can become a bright spothead and shoulder protection design suit for baby learning to walk and crawl. 
  • To avoid or reduce the head injury when the baby's head collisio, keep the baby's head and back shoulders safe.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, so baby wear comfortable, freedom of movement 15cm x30cm/ 5.9 inch x11.81 inch.