Hands Free Breast Pumping Bra

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1. Too much milk, suck out excess milk.

2. Insufficient milk, breast pump can help stimulate the secretion of milk.

3. A family member brings milk back and suck it back. (Requires refrigerator or ice bag for preservation).

4. When you go out, you need to suck milk.

5. At night, it does not affect the baby's sleep.

6. Postpartum milking assistant.

7. Prenatal milking.

8. When it is necessary to efficiently suck and save time.

9. Mother's tits dent, baby sucking milk difficult.

10. Mom's tits are broken and she needs to stop breastfeeding.

11. Mom should not be sick when she is sick. She needs a breast pump to help her breath.

12. Insufficient sucking power of baby sucks milk.

Hands-free breast pump, milk is more smooth, more convenient and practical.


1. Name: Pumping Milk Bra
2. Fabric material: 93% cotton, 7% Spandex.
3. Applicable period: Lactation period.