EVA Foam Baby Play Mat 10pcs/pack

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  • Material: EVA
  • Size: Each 31.6cmX31.6cmX1cm (Without edge)
  • Packing:   One set=10pcs=1pack=10Sq.Ft 
  • Recommended to buy total 2 sets or 3 sets
  • Mats is a pack of 10 pcs, according to a multiple of 10 to shoot, not only without unpacking, also can be mailed to Dear buyers, in the hands of the original packaging, to need unpacking shoot buyers, please shoot an even number, do not monolithic single-chip beat style too much, it is easy to make mistakes, and each color is color matching, even to achieve a mix of effects, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, hope buyers understanding, thank you! !
  • We only have ten colors:
    beige and coffee
    beige and red
    beige and green
    beige and purple
    red and  Pink
    Five-pointed star
    KT Cat