Baby Soft Playpen Play Mat w/ Piano

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  • Soft blanket and soft lighting Cute bear pendant can be removed and play as baby rattle Helps to stimulate baby's senses through sight, touch and sound. 
  • The kick and play piano encourages your baby to use natural kicking motions to made delightful things happen.
  • Give your child a great gift, your child will like it very much
  • Inspire your baby's brain energy and musical ability
  • A fitness blanket that can sleep naked: high-quality cotton, rest assured that the body is in close contact
  • Sleeping baby easily and quickly: soft sleeps, soft lights, soothing and falling asleep
  • Rich pendants: let your baby fall in love with sports, strengthen athletic skills when stretching and kicking
  • Dance lights that glow: stimulate visual perception and enhance self-awareness