Baby Air Cushion Bath Pad Non-Slip Mat (Animal)

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  • Perfect baby shower gift for new mom. Anti-slide bath cushion can be used in sinks, baby bath tubs, and adult tubs.
  • Specially-designed floating cushion is slip-resistant, is a wonderful, easy, and safe way to bathe your newborn.
  • Bath your child in comfort and style! Let baby happy and comfortable during bath time & lounging around.
  • Best head and body support floating cushion with soft micro beads for comfort.
  • Easy to store and transport, ideal to travel: light, washable and easy dry, you can use it right from birth.

Note: Before use, rinse with warm water. 


  • Comfort and safe baby bathing for every baby!
  • The cushioned floating infant bather is an essential helper to make baby's bath safe and pleasurable from your newborn's first splash! 
  • It provides a warm and safe environment for baby's bath time.
  • Ergonomically shaped to offer full support and comfort for your newborn baby.
  • Floating on this bath support cushion feels just like in the womb so your newborn baby will be relaxed during every bath. The Baby Floaty's special design fits all babies' bodies and keeps their heads out of the water. The ultra-small microbeads provide your baby with ultimate comfort and maximum support. Safe and easy to use it can be used in a baby bath, full size bath or tubs.