3-in-1 Postpartum Shape-wear Corset

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A Postpartum Shapewear Corset helps mummies to get back to their pre-pregnancy stomach shape by encouraging recovery and womb shrinkage by compressing your stomach internals back to where they belong. It also helps support your postpartum tummy and helps with posture.


  • Detachable Rims & Side Line / Less oppression
  • Professional Belly In
  • Elaborately selected full Combed Cotton ( Combed Cotton is Not common cotton )
  • Breathable absorbent
  • High quality materials
  • Four sections can be adjusted perfectly to the Abdomen;
  • Dressing with pelvic bone is better;
  • The back 5 Root Cartilages help release the pressure on the back;
  • Breathable, Freely
  • Professional magic tape