3D Puzzle Building Blocks Plastic Electric Gears Blocks

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Need a fun and educational toy that will stimulate your little one's mind?

Most kids these days spend most of their time holding their tablets, playing video games, or watching videos all day. There's nothing wrong with using these gadgets but too much screen time can be unhealthy for your growing child.

Excessive use of gadgets can cause vision problems, sluggish thinking, and sleeping difficulties. You want your child to engage in a fun and exciting activity that will exercise thinking abilities to promote healthy brain development.

Bring the engineer out of your little one with the Mag-Genius Magnet Tiles.

Each building tile is made of brightly colored, translucent plastic material. Each piece houses a powerful magnet, making it easy for your child to connect and disassemble the pieces for their 3D building masterpiece.

With an assortment of shapes to choose from, watch your toddler build different kinds of colorful buildings, houses, castles, and landscapes. Spend quality time with your child as you create all sorts of unique 3D structures all day.

Tired of typical building blocks that easily crack or split apart? These magnet tiles are made while following the strictest CE, ASTM, and EN71 standards to ensure quality, safety, and durability.

Theme: Transportation
Material: Plastic
Age Range:>3 Years Old
Puzzle Style: 3D PUZZLE
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS
Style: Geometric Shape
Style 2: Educational toys