Soft Foam Kids Play Mat Floor Learning Puzzle 36pcs

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  • This High Quality Alphabet Puzzle Play mat is made with a nontoxic EVA foam material and this new design mat will attract children's attention because it has a lot of bright colors and also to provide them interested in learning.
  • As they are like a jigsaw pieces alphabet letters so this is an exciting new game to play for children.
  • They are mixed with alphabet letters and numbers so this product is definitely a great fun way to get your children interested in learning to make words with letters.
  • They are also completely divorced from the traditional concept of teaching methods, so that the child unconsciously learned many books on knowledge.
  • They are easily assembled into a play mat or from the play mat back to pieces allowing the mat to be easily stored and transported.
  • The pieces of the mat also interlock with each other allowing children to make houses, cube shapes and to use their imaginations.
  • Good thing about this product is to provide a softer landing should children trip and fall and also ideal play area for children while protecting floor at same time.
  • Now your children is able to have fun learning in style....